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[ Phone : Drone Filter ]
After all the tricks, does this place really expect me to open a box sitting innocently under the Christmas tree I didn't even help set up, just because it has my name on it?

[ There is a pause as he considers it. ] Right. I didn't think so.

((OOC: Action open to housemates and/or any guests for that morning, or anyone who would reasonably stop by 840 Hastings.))
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[ Day 2 : Evening : Closed to [livejournal.com profile] deathkwondohair and [livejournal.com profile] heartmaestro ]

[ Touma was running around on his trashed bicycle to all the addresses he knew, but it seems most of where he had a chance to visit the places were cleared out or crawling with cannibals. He hoped that meant that people were safe and not... otherwise. But with the town being so large, he couldn't spare the time to investigate each site in depth.

Right now he dismounted to take his time walking along the road, and also so he would be making less noise as he did so. Right now, he had lost track of what street he was supposed to be on, and there are no recognizable landmarks close by, so he's taking a break by leaning on the side of a bombed-out car. Clearly, this is the safest place to rest... ]

(( OOC: Warnings on this post include cannibals, violence, possibly gore, and definitely at least one stupid shounen hero death (though we are shooting for two /o/). ))
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[ Closed : Back-dated to 11/13 ] )

[ Open : Rec Center ]
[ Part of it is to keep in shape, and part of it is to work out stress, but today Touma decided to visit the gym as he does from time to time. You'll find him either working on the stationary bike (that doesn't break), lifting weights (that don't come undone and drop onto his feet), or punching at a bag (that doesn't come apart or otherwise break).

Yeah. Someone's noticed that things aren't quite "normal' for him, and since he can't come up with a rational explanation, it has him just a bit ticked off. Since he lacks his power, he'll have to make up for it in other ways. Recent talks with people who went through hard times back in their own worlds only served to reinforce this.

Touma barely takes a break between activities, sitting somewhere alone with his sandwich or a bottle of water, before getting right back to it. ]

(OOC: People can also use this post to just call Touma or stop by his house if there is a need for it. o/ )
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[ Phone ]
Whoever messed with the punch at the dance? Good going, idiot. Maybe you thought you were making things "fun", but all you managed to do was ruin an evening that could have passed without incident otherwise.

This town's bad enough. Why would you do something like that? Gah. [ U MAD, TOUMA?

Seriously, he didn't even want to be there, but it messed Misaka up badly, and thus subsequently cut something short that Mikoto was looking forward to. Even if the vomiting saved his ass. That's what has him all pissed off. ]

[ Action : 840 Hastings : Open ]
[ Now that he's gotten that bit of frustration out, Touma was back to being restless. He's currently milling about the house, trying to find something to do. The drones are off doing whatever it is that drones do out of the house. He is used to living (mostly) alone, so he's doing stuff just to have something to do.

This includes but is not limited to:
a) Cleaning his room, or organizing all the books in the house.
b) Raking the yard and bagging up the leaves.
c) Washing the car -- and contemplating getting driving lessons. ]

(ooc: Back-dated to Sunday, and action is open to anyone passing by the house, or stopping in to visit himself or Morgiana. o/ )
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[ Action : Mayfield High : Open ]
[ Somehow, he has gotten himself cornered by some of the drone boys from his class, despite wanting to eat lunch in peace. He's just sitting at the end of the table, munching on his sandwich with a bored look on his face while the others yammer on about girls, sports, movies... whatever. Touma can't be bothered to even try to feign interest as he has way too much on his mind from last week's "adventure".

Maybe someone with something to say can save him? ]

[ Action : Neutron Diner : Open ]
[ All done with his obligations for the day, he heads into the diner. He isn't looking for anything in particular; he isn't even that hungry. But he had called Mikoto because he really needs to talk to someone about what's been going on. Touma doesn't know who else can be any closer to the center of this situation than him, and still be someone he can trust.

Guess there's one way to find out -- but he arrived really early, so there could still be time for distractions... ]
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[ Action : 840 Hastings Blvd : Housemates (and guests?) ]
At least it's not a hospital...? )

[ Action : Outside ]
[ Sticking near the rows of houses, Touma wandered around with his hands in his pockets. Most of the buildings all looked the same, but weren't nearly modern enough to have anything to do with Academy City. If he's lucky (hah!), walking down the road far enough will lead him to some kind of main road or border. Maybe he can figure out where exactly he is and how he can get out of here.

That is, if he watches where he's going and doesn't bump into anyone first. ]
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